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Fortnite Item Shop Today May 30, 2020 – Toosie Slide, Drake Emote and More

What's new today?

Fortnite’s item shop is a place where you can buy skins, emotes, and other a hilarious items that gives you a unique way to express yourself in the game. Today there are new items listed in the shop which includes cool emote, skins, some bucks, glider skins, etc. Here is the list of new items you can get from Fortnite Item shop on May 30,2020.

Fortnite May 30 List of Items in the Shop

1. Toosie Slide –

Drake’s Emote that cost 500 V-bucks. Introduced first in Season 2 of Chapter 2, the emote has some amazing dance moves you cannot miss.

2. Raptor –

Fortnite Rapter Skin May 30

Legendary Outfit featuring Royal Air Force Test Pilot suit introduced in Season 1. It cost 2000 V-bucks.

3. Velocity –

Fortnite Velocity Skin May 30

Legendary Outfit featuring Royal Air Force Flying Ace suit introduced in Season 9. It cost 2000 V-bucks.

Venturion –

Fortnite Venturian Skin May 30

Venturian skin is back that cost 1500 v-bucks and it is part of Venture set introduced in Season 4.

Dark Rex –

Fortnite Dark Rex Skin May 30

Dark Rex skin cost 1200 Vbuck, it is a part of Dino Guard set that was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 1.

Dark Dino Bones –

Fortnite Dark Rino May 30

Dark Dino Bones cost 800 Vbucks which is also a part of Dino Guard set introduced in Chapter 2, Season 1

Dark Triceria Ops –

Fortnite Dark Triceria May 30

Sink your teeth into darkness, you can grab this skin for 1200 vbucks. Part of Dino Guard set introduced in Chapter 2, Season 1.

Burning Beast –

Fortnite Burning Beast May 30

Burning Beast is a Legendary Glider which is a part of Diabolical Set. It cost 1500 vbuck. Introduced in Chapter 2, Season 1.

A few more items you will see on Fortnite items shop today are:

  • Burning Blades – 800 Vbucks
  • Malice – 200 Vbucks
  • Burning Glyph – 500 Vbucks
  • Dominion – 1500 Vbucks
  • Psycho Bundle – 2000 Vbucks.

There are six new items in the daily list. They are Without Outfit (1500), Flappy Flyer (800), Bold Stance (500), Pathfinder (800), Dragon Axe (800) and Finger Wag (200).