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Fortnite RPG Strategy Lets You Destroy Structure While Being Undetected

Fortnite is highly competitive and players are always finding ways to newer and better strategies all the time, there is a new bug that allows players to shoot RPGs through cones.

Discovered by Redditor BrianHQ and was posted on the r/FortniteCompetitive where a lot of the players submit their strategies, the post shows, u/BrianHQ easily creating a cone made out of wood and shooting an RPG by standing close to one of the corners while destroying another structure.


RPG through cone strat i haven’t seen before from FortniteCompetitive

Now as everyone knows, RPGs can be really destructive and can take down an entire structure that you have strived to build, this strategy could very well change the entire game.


This new find might be able to allow players with an RPG to camp out and then shoot out an opponent without them noticing anything strange or without a warning.

Though there are a few ways where you can dodge an RPG strike this could very well take out an unsuspecting player.

There are other techniques that require phasing, though this strategy of shooting an RPG through a cone doesn’t seem to need one.


This could very well be a game-changer or could be fixed if addressed in the next update, and we will keep an eye out for this and see how much it is being used.

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