Fortnite Introduces Reboot Vans Which Will Respawn Fallen Teammates

Fortnite has lifted another mechanism from Apex Legends and this time is the ability to reboot downed teammates. To reboot your teammates you will have to collect their reboot card and then get the access to a reboot van.

This follows other features Fortnites has taken from Apex Legends, like [inging locations and enemies to other teammates.

The news of respawning characters was leaked months ago but Fortnite was silent on the subject matter until now.

The new feature will go live in next week’s update, Fortnite is in its Season 8 and it already seems to be a huge one with a lot of changes being made. Season 7 saw a lot of new things being implemented and Season 8 seems to be taking it up a notch.

Check out the video which goes in-depth explaining the reboot feature of Fortnite.

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