Fortnite Latest Patch Introduces Reboot Van To Revive Dead Players

Call Back Your Soldiers, The Game Is Not Over

Fortnite recently introduces a new feature to the game through Patch v8.30. It adds a cool Reboot Vans in the game that will allow players to resurrect their dead friends with the help of Reboot Cards. Whenever a player dies in Fortnite, they will drop a Reboot Card. Anyone from the team can collect it before 90 seconds and carry it to the Reboot Van to revive the player.

Players will return back with full health, a pistol, 36 light ammo, and 100 wood. This adds some strength to the squad, and it’s an important point to remember. Once revived the Reboot Van will take 120seconds to cooldown, this means within this time if anyone dies there is no way to revive him/her until the cooldown period is over.

Reboot Vans does not work in Solo, Big Team Limited Time Modes and any other mode where respawn is enabled. The patch adds Buccaneer’s Bounty Event and Limited Time Mode: Fly Explosives. In the bounty event, players can earn some amazing rewards by completing free challenges. the new LTM mode in combination with jetpack adds an explosive weapon.

There is a whole new list of bugs fixed in the game that you can check on

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