Fortnite Slyly Introduced Apex Legends Ping System

Fortnite has been notorious when it comes to “borrowing” elements from other games and incorporating them into their own, and now it seems they have taken the ping system of Apex Legends and Introducing it into Fortnite.

Epic Games recently launched their Season 8 in Fortnite but the ping system was not included in the patch notes as it was clearly hidden among the new game files.

It works as the same in Apex, ping once to make your teammates to aware teammates of weapons or ammo and twice to notify the location of an enemy.

It does wonders if you aren’t using a mic to communicate with your teammates and gives you and your team the upper hand in notifying about the whereabouts of various things.

Though it seems to be an exact copy of using someone else’s, it is needed when you are playing a battle royale game.

Season 8 brought a lot of changes to the island and the game itself, Epic Games are leaving no stones unturned when it comes to Fortnite and bringing a ton of new items in the game, this season has brought a pirate and a volcanic mountain to the island with corresponding characters in a Pirate and a few emerging from the volcano itself.

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Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4

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