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Fortnite Patch V9.21 Adding Grenade Launcher & Horde Mode

Horde of Fiends invading the island

Fortnite Patch V9.21 is all set to bring new updates and features in the free Battle Royale game. Checkout full Patch V9.21 logs and find what new is coming up. This time a new weapon will be added a Grenade Launcher, that can blow up enemies and destroy target within the proximity range. A limited time mode called as Horde Rush is also coming up soon that brings a 4-player co-op mission where players will have to survive invading horde. Horde Rush is coming on June 13, 2019. Another limited time mode One Shot Duos will also be added by the patch, in this mode, every player will have 50 health and they can only use a sniper. To heal there will be only bandages.

For wepaons, there will be a Proximity Grenade Launcher available in Epic and Legendary Rarities. This semi-automatic weapon can use shoot Rocket and holds only 2 Explosive per round. Shield Potion availability will be higher from the chest. Same goes to Small Shield Potion and Shotguns. There are certain bug fixes and enhancements. Reach the full patch log below.

Fortnite Patch V9.21 Patch Logs

Proximity Grenade Launcher:  It’s not a horseshoe or a hand grenade, but close still counts!

Horde Rush: A new 4-player Co-op Limited Time mode is just around the corner! Survive the Horde Rush on June 13.


One Shot Duos: Low Gravity. Every player has 50 health. Sniper weapons are the only weapon, Bandages are the only healing item. Jump high and aim well!

Horde Rush:  Fortnite Fiends are back on the island and angrier than ever! Fight alongside your teammates to rack up your score by finding hidden score multipliers, opening special loot chests, and eliminating as many monsters as you can. Traverse across the map, survive all of the Defend locations and take down the Final Boss to win!

  • Four player Squad mode divided up into multiple stages.
  • Prepare to defend an area by searching for weapons & items, scavenging materials, and building defenses.
  • Rack up points by fighting Fiends, collecting score multipliers, and destroying Fiend Spawners.
  • Recover from the battle and search for more equipment.
  • Travel across the map to the next defense point.
  • Respawning is enabled until the last stage when players have to destroy a Boss Fiend and his horde of minions.
  • Keep an eye out for special loot chests, which contain powerful weapons & provide a scoring bonus.


  • Roadside Garage Gallery
  • Grass & Mud Floor Gallery
  • Forest & Grass Floor Gallery
  • Grass & Forest Floor Gallery
  • Sand & Rock Floor Gallery
  • Dinosaur Prop Gallery

Plasmatron 9000

  • Tongue twister: How fast can you say piercing plasma shots!


Quantum Countdown

  • Step right up, and try to keep your attention on the teleporting bomb.


MISSIONS + SYSTEMS – New Wargames simulation: Quantum Countdown

  • In this simulation, an unstable bomb is teleporting around your base. The Husks are drawn to its energy and trying to destroy it. Quickly adapt to protect its new location as the Husks take new, and unexpected, routes.
  • A new Wargames simulation means more chances for Event Tickets, a new banner, and more variety to the Daily Quests.


Proximity Grenade Launcher: Fires an arcing, bouncing, explosive projectile that explodes when in the proximity of an opponent.

  • Available in Epic and Legendary Rarities.
  • Found from Chests, Loot Carriers, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
  • Semi-Automatic.
  • Uses Rocket Ammo.
  • Holds 2 Explosive Rounds.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.65 shots per second.
  • Player Proximity Radius: 250 units (about half the width of a tile).
  • Explosion Radius: 300 units (about 60% of the width of a tile).
  • Explosion damage: Player: 67/70. Environmental: 131/138.
  • Reload Speed: 2.8s/3s
  • Projectiles explode automatically after 10s or if it has nearly come to a stop.

Shield Potion:

  • Increased the availability from Chest loot from 11.3% to 12.09%

Small Shield Potion:

  • Increased the availability from Chest loot from 16.95% to 18.13%
  • With items being added and removed, we’ve noticed that Shield Potions and Small Shields have been less available in Chests. So we’ve increased the chance to find Shields from Chests to compensate for that.


  • Increased the overall chance to find from Floor loot from 8.50% to 9.77%
  • After seeing the community’s feedback about Shotgun availability, we’ve increased the Shotgun availability from Floor Loot to make finding them in the early phases of the game easier.

Infantry Rifle Epic and Legendary variants

  • Increased the availability from Floor loot from .067% to .105%
  • Increased the availability from Chest loot from .414% to .645%

Heavy Assault Rifle Common variant

  • Decreased the availability from Floor loot from 2.04% to 1.715%
  • Decreased the availability from Chest loot from 12.47% to 10.46%

Mounted Turret

  • Decreased the availability from floor loot from .59% to .46%

Storm Flip

  • Adjusted Storm Flip to cause flat damage instead of being based on which Storm Phase is currently active.
  • Causes 5 damage every second.
  • We noticed with scaling damage that players held onto their Storm Flip later into matches, creating undesirable effects. This change gives players more value in using it earlier in matches.
  • Reduced the availability from Chests from 3.39% to 1.69%
  • Reduced the availability from Floor loot from 3.32% to 1.66%
  • Added back into the Arena and Tournament playlists.
  • We have visual effect changes coming in v9.30 that will help improve readability.

A new weapon, the Plasmatron 9000 arrives in the Weekly Store.

Short ranged automatic energy pistol that shoots expanding rings of plasma that pierce enemies.

Available Wednesday, June 12 at 8 PM Eastern Time until Wednesday, June 19 at 8 PM Eastern Time.


  • Bug Fixes: Audio was sounding muffled due to a filter optimization issue.

MOBILE: We’ve noticed iOS patches have experienced delays appearing in the App Store recently. Apple has stated that any application can take up to 24 hours to appear in the App Store. If no update is available, be sure to check our social channels for more info.


  • Added pop-up and Main Menu messaging to help players understand when their Xbox Live or
  • PlayStation voice chat is being prioritized over Fortnite Party voice chat.
  • These visuals appear only if someone else in your party is active in Fortnite Party voice chat, and will not reappear unless you join a different party.
  • This is in response to players looking for guidance on various voice chat issues that were related to Xbox Live / Playstation party voice chat prioritization.

Source: Epicgames