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Fortnite Patch 9.20 New Items – Storm Flip, Quick Heal And More

New patch with tons of new features

Fortnite recently got a new Patch 9.20 that adds some fresh items in the game. One of the most interesting things to see is the Storm Flip bottle that allows creating a safe some for around twenty seconds. Your allies can stay inside and block incoming attacks for a short period of time. You can watch the reveal Storm Swap trailer below.

Fortnite Season 9 has started recently with new Battle Pass. Users can now enjoy a 60fps gameplay on some mobile phones and now it is also possible to have cross-platform play. The current patch, however, nothing has to do with cross play or fps instead it brings new items in the game interesting enough for players to test them at least once.

Storm Flip once threw summons a sphere shaped shield that stays active for around 20 seconds. The update also adds Sword Flight LTM that includes Infinity Blade. For mobile users, the patch adds a new Quick Heal option where players can press a button on their display and health themselves instantly. The same feature is not added for the other platforms.

So enjoy the new amazing features of Fortnite by updating the latest patch on various platforms.