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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: How To Open New Stark Industries Vault

Open the Stark Industries vault and collect the loot within.

Fortnite has been loaded with many updates and challenges in Season 4. Just like Doom’s Domain, there’s a new locked vault added in the game for the players to explore and collect loot from within. The location of this new vault is in the Stark Industries. To open this new vault in the game, you will require a keycard. Follow this guide to know how to get the keycard and open Fortnite’s new Stark Industries vault.


How to Open New Stark Industries Vault in Fortnite

The keycard to the vault is guarded by the owner himself. Yes, you hear it right. You will have to take down Iron Man himself to get the keycard. But it’s simple said than done. Iron Man has a lot of health and his attacks can take a lion’s toll from your life bar. Also, there will be the Stark bots around to increase your worries. However, there’s an easy way to eliminate Iron Man in Fortnite.

All you need to do is fight him from a higher viewpoint. Collect a rifle or similar weapon while making your way to the Stark Industries. You can also attempt to get a Strak industries rifle. Then, build a few ramps and get to the second floor in the building. Next, find a vantage point where you can easily aim Iron Man and also take cover when necessary.

This will help you easily eliminate Iron Man and open Fortnite’s new Stark Industries vault. Once Iron Man is defeated, he will drop a keycard and some other loots. Collect the keycard and get out of the building. Now, you need to locate the vault which is a nearby small building. Find the vault and access it with the keycard to get all the valuable loots inside it.

That’s how you defeat Iron Man and open Fortnite’s new Stark Industries vault. This will get you awesome rewards that will help you progress quickly in the game. Another way to progress quickly is by earning XPs by completing various challenges in Fortnite. You can complete Don a Disguise challenge and the Gnom Talk secret challenge to get a decent amount of XP in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4.