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Fortnite no Fall Damage Trick Might End Up Saving Your Life

Falling yourself to death is probably the worst way to go out in Fortnite, this way you can simply die without taking a single bullet and it seemed that this could not be solved as you cannot build while falling, unless you start to edit your structure.

If you are falling from a structure, while another player is destroying it, you will incur fall damage and succumb in Fortnite, but while falling if you simply start to edit the structure you can significantly lessen the damage and this will let you stay in the game.


YouTuber Ryuzanami showed off this trick recently, and while not a lot of players know this trick as of this moment, you can learn this and start saving yourself.

In the video, Ryuzanami shows how it is still possible to edit your structure and change it into something else, which will break your fall and possible have you on the ground without any damage.

Though this will require you to edit your structure quickly, most Fortnite players learn to edit early on as it is an integral part of Fortnite.


This trick may end up saving your life in Fortnite, and once you are on the ground safe and sound you can join in on the action and go against your opponent.

Weirdly, such a simple technique wasn’t discovered early on in Fortnite, for more Fortnite tips and tricks make sure that you check out GamerTweak.

Fortnite is developed by Epic Games and is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android Devices.