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Major Changes Might Be Coming To The Agency In Fortnite With The v12.60 Patch

The Agency, one of the most popular location in Fortnite, might be in for some upgrades!?

A new Fortnite leak suggests massive changes in The Agency might be coming with the release of v12.60 patch. One of the most popular locations in Fortnite, The Agency has been evolving with recent updates but this update can prove to be the next major change.

As the Season 2 is steadily reaching its delayed endpoint, fans are already gearing up for the latest update and possibly a new cinematic event. The Travis Scott Astronomical event hit the Fortnite community by storm and they expect nothing less for the end Season event as well.

What were the leaks about The Agency?

Currently, the players are engaged in the Ghost and Shadow battle but are equally awaiting the next Season’s release. iFireMonkey, a popular data miner credited for multiple in-game leaks in the past, recently leaked some information on the same. The Agency is gearing up for a massive upgrade, a complete glow-up, or probably a complete phase reversal. He also added that all references of Ghost including the ghost statue near the respawn van might be removed from The Agency.

Although chances are, these leaks can be a red-herring as well. Game developers often use such in-game files to confuse data miners. Fortnite might, for all we know, just add these major update files to the archives and never actually release them in the update.

Epic Games have skilfully used red herrings in the past as well. Hence it would not come off as a surprise if they use The Agency as a small bait to keep data miners distracted. Although this time, a lot of work has been done to upgrade The Agency, hence it might just not be a developer’s trick after all. There are also abundant storylines for the end of Season 2 as well – How will Fortnite account for the Doomsday Device? What secrets like in Midas’ chamber filled with heads?

It looks like you won’t have to wait very long now, Season 3 for Fortnite kicks off on June 4. For now, all we can do is speculate on the basis of iFireMonkey’s leaks and wish for The Agency’s revamp does take place in the v12.60 update.