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Fortnite reveals new Ice King, Challenges and more features


The new event that had Fortnite players hold onto their breath for so long is finally here with the arrival of the Ice King breaking the frozen blue orb above the island covering the map in a blizzard.  The new event came with the new update v7.20 which was dropped at the beginning of the week, and now that the orb has been broken players have been presented with new challenges.

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Fortnite reveals new Ice King

  • Complete (6) Ice Storm Challenges (Wrap reward)
  • Destroy (250) Ice Fiends (500 XP)
  • Deal (5000) damage with Explosive Weapons to the Ice Legion (500 XP)

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Players have ice fiends to battle against which seem to the soldiers for the Ice Legion, and they spawn with glowing blue stones now strewn all over the map. Few challenges are yet to be announced which should be available in the coming days.

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The Ice King was not the solitary secret revealed as players discovered a bunker underneath the iceberg and found several eggs inside the prison underneath the castle on Polar Peak.

Check this space for more Fortnite leaks, guides and tricks.

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