Fortnite Challenge Week 6 Season 8 Five Highest Elevations Map Location

Visit the five highest elevations on the island.

If you are looking for Fortnite Highest elevations to visit then in this guide we will give you exact map locations of Fortnite Challenge Week 6 Season 8 Five Highest Elevations with a video by Youtuber Tyceno on which we made this guide. Thanks to the youtuber we had also embedded the video in this Fortnite Highest elevations guide, you can skip the sections and directly click the play button to know more or else you can scroll through different map screenshots to find top places to see in Fortnite.

Fortnite Five Highest Elevations & How To Visit

1). Submarine – 130 Meters

Fortnite Highest Elevation Submarine

Submarine is located on the east of Frosty Flights, it’s a frozen submarine situated top high on the peaks, not that tough to locate. With hundred and thirty meters in height, it gives you a clear view of the entire region around. It is an ideal spot point and you must visit this once.

2). Polar Peak Tower – 170 Meters

Fortnite Highest Elevation Polar Peak

The second one is Polar Peak Tower, a 170-meter high elevation you cannot miss. It is easy to find, located on the top of Polar Peak the tower can be spotted without much effort.

3). Hill – 111 Meters

Fortnite Highest Elevation Hill

The third one is in the forest region on the west side, it is located on the top of a hill. Look for rocks and you will see the board of 111 meters. You have to dive straight to the north of Polar Peak.

4). Hill – 111 Meters

Fortnite Highest Elevation Hill

On the east side of the above Elevation, the next is directly towards the east side. It is not that hard to locate, just look for a mountain and climb on top to locate the fourth highest elevation.

5). Volcano – 172 Meters

Fortnite Highest Elevation Volcano

The final one is located on the rim of a volcano, just glide towards it and land on the top and you will find the final highest elevation point.

So you know all the top five highest elevation points in Fortnite, you can also go through the video above if you have any doubts about finding the locations.

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