Fortnite Hidden Star Week 8 Secret Banner Map Location

Those who had finished with Hidden Star Week 8 challenges can now head to the secret banner location that wills rewards players with Battle Pass items. To decipher the location of the Secret Banner you have to look close, the loading screen has hidden co-ordinates for the exact Banner Location that I am going to reveal in this guide.

Hidden Star Week 8 Secret Banner Map Location

After getting the coordinates just pin them on the map, travel to the location and collect the banner.

Star Week 8 Secret Banner Co-ordinates


After finishing all the weekly challenges you will see the loading screen with Co-ordinates A8-A9 & B8-B9.


Open the map and set your Pin according to the Co-ordinate to set your travel path to the location of Secret Banner. It is on the south of Frosty Flights, easy to locate once you pin it.