Fortnite To Introduce Gnomes v Bears Challenge In The Coming Weeks

Prasad More
2 Min Read

Fortnite has something brewing up which will include bears fighting off against Gnomes. We have had factions battle before but it looks like Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 might bring the biggest battle yet. The Gnomes v Bears storyline is about to be big.

Some of the challenges of the Gnomes v Bears challenge have already begun and if you want to get your hands on 15,000 XP points you can head over to the cabin in Weeping Woods and free the bears.

Though this is a long way from over, regular Fortnite players know that this is far from over, there will be multiples of challenges for this storyline before an all-out faction war takes place.

But sadly, these additional challenges haven’t yet been officially revealed by Epic Games, but recent leaks point towards challenges like finding a strange mushroom, dancing with the mushroom, and repairing a broken mural.

You can see the mushroom in the tweet below, leaks have pointed that sometime during the coming weeks, players will get to find this Strange Mushroom in Fortnite.

It is just now a matter of time before Fortnite issues these challenges to the public, it can start after the Travis Scott final performance which is scheduled to run from 23rd April to 25th of April 2020.

Though the first of these concerts has been concluded you can check out other shows that are lined up.

Fortnite has once again shown that they are well and truly capable of historic events in the game and be the best Battle Royale game for years to come.