Fortnite Galactus Skin Leaked by A Dataminer

A new Fortnite Season 4 leak has revealed a new Galactus skin that may arrive in the item shop soon.

A new leak of Season 4 of Fortnite has revealed a new Galactus skin that may come soon in the Item Shop. As you know, the fourth season of Fortnite, the famous Battle Royale title by Epic Games, has arrived a few months ago and with it, a huge crossover with Marvel has also arrived that bears the name of Nexus War.

As a narrative opening of this colossal event, to say the least, we see Galactus threatening the planet Earth, with Thor asking for help from numerous comic book characters such as Wolverine, Doctor Doom and others in order to counter the villain.

According to the latest rumors, it seems that Epic Games and Marvel are just at the beginning of what they have in mind for this season. The leak comes from the game files and courtesy of the Fortnite leaker and the dataminer “Mix“.

On Twitter, “Mix” revealed a first look at the Galactus character in the game. However, as the dataminer notes, it is not clear if this is simply for the event or if it will also be a new skin. Below you can check out the character model and any new skin for yourself, courtesy of “Mix”:

Obviously, like any leak, we advise you to take the news with a grain of salt. At the time of publication, Epic Games has not commented on this latest leak of season 4 and is unlikely to do so as it almost never comments on leaks of this type. However, if there are any official updates in this regard, we will let you know promptly about it only on