Clock Tower Different Location Guide

In the latest weekly challenge by Fortnite, you have to visit the different clock locations in the game to complete the challenge and get the battle stars. All you need to do is find the three clocks on the island and this guide will show you the locations of all the three locations.

Clock Locations in Fortnite

The first clock location is in Neo Tilted, the big clock tower in the old Tiled Towers has been replaced by a holographic clock but the location is still the same. All you need to do is go down to Neo Tilted and you will find the clock next to the underpass.

The next clock is located in the far south of the map, you will have to visit Happy Hamlet and you find the clock in the center of this area. This is only two storied building in the area so it is fairly easy to spot even when you are skydiving.

The last of the clock you will find in the Junk Junction, you will have to travel to the northwest area of the map, you will easily find this clock in the town it is located to the left fo the main entrance.

This is one of the easiest challenges in Fortnite and can be completed easily with minimum effort. You just have to make sure that you survive long enough to land and locate the place and once you’ve gone to all these three places your challenge will be completed.