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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Leak: Thor’s Hammer Coming in the Map

Fortnite Season 4 will be released on August 27, and the theme has already been unveiled by Epic Games: it will be Marvel! According to some data-miners, the season will be more specifically on the theme of Marvel Comics, and not movies.

The first leaks are starting to arrive about this next season, and it looks like Thor’s hammer, along with a crater, is coming to Fortnite in the next few hours!


As expected, some more encrypted Fortnite files will be unlocked before Thursday’s season change. A new element related to season 4 of Fortnite has just leaked: Thor’s hammer should arrive on the Fortnite map, and it will be in a crater! It looks like this as a future teaser, and the hammer should appear in the next 2 hours, according to data miners.


You should be able to find them between Salty Springs and Weeping Woods. We will soon be able to see them on the island as well, there is no info on the exact place and time at the moment, but if we had to guess, we would vote for the usual timings. This is what it will look like “live”:


At the moment, it’s unclear what the hammer will be used for, but we can imagine that it will have similar utility to Thanos’ Glove, which was present in the previous season. The glove gave incredible strength to the player wearing it, and there was only one per game! It is also possible that the hammer is only “decorative”, and that it is not possible to interact with it.