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Fortnite Catty Corner Vault: Where To Find And How to Enter

In this guide, we will explain where to find Catty Corner location in Fortnite and how to enter Catty Corner Vault with the access keycard.

In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, one of your challenges is to enter the Catty Corner Vault. This is a new location so these pointers will help you reach it easily. This task requires you to get the access keycard to the vault by defeating a boss. In this guide, we will explain how to get to Catty Corner in Fortnite and how to enter it as well.

Catty Corner Vault in Fortnite (Weekly Challenge)


First, let’s take a look at where to find Catty Corner on the Fortnite map.

Catty Corner Vault Location in Fortnite

This location can be found on the south-east region of the flooded map of Season 3. Check it out it in the map below, where it is shown under Lazy Lake and Retail Row. This is where the box factory was in the previous season.



How to Get Access Keycard and Enter the Vault in Fortnite?

Once you get to Catty Corner, which is at the base of snow-capped mountains, you need to look for a big storage container.


This area is now taken over by Kit, which is the cat controlling a robot. Your goal is to take down Kit, the boss of this area. He also has henchmen, so keep an eye out for them and kill them too. They might sneak up on you from various angles so be careful. When you defeat Kit, you will get some awesome loot as well as the access keycard to the Catty Corner Vault.

When you equip the card, you will know the location of the Catty Corner Vault (it’s on the west side). Go toward the door and scan the keycard which will help you enter the vault. Inside, you will see many chests packed with loot and you will earn 35,000 XP, making this effort worthwhile.

So, this is all about the Catty Corner Vault in Fortnite. For more tips on completing the weekly challenges, check out our Fortnite Season 3 guides.