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Fortnite’s Best Hide and Seek Map Code

Check out the latest codes you can use to unlock some free items in Fortnite's.

Does Hide and Seek in Fortnite seem odd to you? Well, little did you know Fortnite creative tons of different maps where players can choose to opt to play Hide and Seek. Each map will have tons of different objects that you can hide behind or find a small little place where no one can see you. If you want to know the entire list of Fortnite’s Best Hide and Seek Map Codes, read this entire article.


Fortnite’s Best Hide and Seek Map Code January 2021

  • Hide and Seek Mansion Code: 2984-0520-2397
  • Modern Mansion Code: 8209-0229-1867
  • Pea Shooter Hide & Seek Code: 9012-2069-2861
  • The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek Code: 5942-4943-2271
  • Viking Village Code: 1124-9677-4038
  • Tinker’s Toystore Hide & Seek Code: 0632-6317-2480
  • One Percent Hide & Seek Code: 8550-2195-4845
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Skins Code: 7133-6656-4742

Fortnite Hide & Seek Codes for Jan 21

Hide and Seek Mansion

Both the interior and the exterior of the mansion provide some of the best places to hide in this map. With a ton of things to interact with, you will often come across surprising places that will leave you scratching your head in amazement. This is one of the best maps to play hide and seek in Fortnite.

Modern Mansion


While this is another mansion, it is very up to date. You will find all the latest amenities to your benefit to ensure that you can find creative and fun ways to make yourself not seen in this Hide and seek a Fortnite map.

The furniture as well the place outside the mansion provides to be one of the best places we’ve come to like to wait out until someone comes to catch us.

Pea Shooter Hide and Seek

Let’s take things a bit outside the mansion and introduce a bit of a small-town setting. Meaning more incredible places for you to hide and never be found. While this map gives a ton of options for players to hide in, there’s a lot of buildings to ensure that whoever is seeking you out will have to cover the entire town which just increases the intensity of the game.

The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek

Wonder what’s it like to stay inside a mall after closing hours? Well, this Fortnite map gives the players exactly that feeling but you will need to be careful of the security guards aka the seekers, make sure that you find other places to hide other than the food court.

Viking Village Hide and Seek


Want to visit the world of Vikings in mid-summer to lose yourself in tiny crevices for your friends to find? Well, then this place will certainly be perfect for you. The Viking Village gives a perfect backdrop of calmness with action just waiting to erupt any second.

Tinker’s Toystore

What’s a better place to play hide and seek rather than a toy store? You can try to blend it as one of the toys in this Christmas themed map. Meet Santa or disguise yourself as an elf.

One Percent of Hide and Seek

Well, we’ve all seen how the one percent like life and how fancy it is, but have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to play Hide and Seek in a house like that? Now, you don’t have to as this map lets you play across a massive mansion with each section different from the rest. A true mind-bender of a map.

Honey, I Shrunk The Skins

This is a nice little take on the popular movie Honey I shrunk the kids. You play inside an oversized house which brings up all kinds of possibilities for you to hide in. You will soon discover things you never knew existed where you could hide.

These are the best hide and seek Fortnite maps that we’ve discovered and absolutely had a blast to play in Fortnite. While there’s always something new to find in each map, you should also check out our list of Fortnite Guides to get updated on what’s latest going on in the game.