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Fortnite Battle Royal Beginners Tips And Tricks Explained

Fortnite has been at the forefront of the gaming industry whether you like it or not and has been successfully dominating and redefining the Battle Royale genre for a couple of years now. Fortnite has seen unprecedented rise ever since its release and is seeing new players join the game every single day.

If you are one of those players who is looking out to take the battle bus to the Fortnite island for all sorts of mayhem, fun, and adventure. You will need to check out this guide which has laid out each and every step you must keep in mind to be good at Fortnite.

Beginners Guide To Fortnite Battle Royale

Spawn Island

Before you hop into the battle bus on your next battle royale adventure, you are taken to a spawn island. This is where the entire lobby of players who will be in your match will be found. This is an area where no matter what you do will carry over to the actual round.

You can use guns and other arms to fight with other players or check out a simple building strategy to help you in the match. Make sure that when you’re on spawn island to check out your surroundings and practice whatever you like.

You will usually get less than a minute, a couple of seconds at best here before you are taken on the battle bus so use this time to create a strategy and check out the map and the direction of the bus to know where to land.

Battle Bus

The battle bus is a magical bus that holds around 100 people at a time and people jump out of it to get to the island. While you along with 99 others will be on the bus, use as long as possible to jump out of the bus as possible.

This will make sure that you do not end up in a crowded area and have many more chances of surviving in the game. The further you are from other people the more chances you have of surviving while making sure to learn where to land to get the best loot earliest as possible.

If you manage to get away from everyone, make sure that you use this time to collect as many resources as possible and only then march into the battle.

Battle Pass

Fortnite has a skin for everything and that is one of the biggest appeals of the game, this brings in tons of players to get to know Fortnite but you have to keep one thing in mind that most of these rewards are tied to the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is an add on that you can purchase, enabling you to unlock more rewards and challenges in the game. The more you play the more you will unlock new items and challenges which will get you more exp points.

Buying the battle pass is optional and there is no need to purchase it if you do not want it.


As you play you will unlock certain rewards, this differs if or not you have the battle pass, but if you have bought it. You will get tons of skins in Fortnite.

You can change to any skin that you have unlocked in Fortnite by simply going over to the locker section in Fortnite.

No skin has an added advantage and these are only cosmetic upgrades in Fortnite, but skins and reactions dominate the island in Fortnite so it isn’t so bad to spend a bit of money if you wish.


Like most Battle Royale games, Fortnite too makes you fall from the skies and then deploy a parachute-like system to ease your landing and get you to exactly where you want to be. Gliders in Fortnite deploy automatically, this ensures that at least you get the chance to land on the island before your match ends abruptly.

It is best to deploy gliders at a certain height rather than wait for it to open by itself, having manual control over gliding will get you to the specific location that you or your teammate has spotted for you.

Once you are on the ground, the glider will by itself fold and go away. So landing is quite important, but if you still manage to land a bit away from where you want to be, you can always walk or hop over to the desired location in Fortnite.


Consumables include shield potions and health kits that can help you get back your depleted health or shield, having a high amount of both health and shield allows you to fight longer in Fortnite and be at better odds at winning a match.

Better yet if you have both small and large shield potions, make sure to empty out the smaller ones as Fortnite won’t allow you to use a small shield potion once your shield gets to about 50%. But make sure that you stock up on these items whenever possible in the game as you will have a barrage of bullets in Fortnite.


For beginners who aren’t used to wielding snipers and pistols, your best bet is to rely upon Assault Rifles and SMGs for short to mid-combat, the quick-fire ability will help you get multiple hits on your enemy without needing for much accuracy.

For your secondary weapon make sure that you have a shotgun with you as they will give you a great advantage in short encounters and deal a lot of damage to opponents.

Make sure that you check out the rarity of the weapons as well. The scale goes upwards from Gray, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. The higher tier the weapon the more powerful they will be giving you an advantage. These weapons are randomly located so make sure that you check out any many places as possible. Keep an ear out for treasure sounds as they will give you a ton of options in weapon choices and additional items.


Veteran Fortnite players know the importance of being proactive rather than just reactive in the match and one way you can do is by listening to footsteps. Use headphones whenever possible to know exactly your enemy is coming from and only then try to judge their location and be ready before they fire at you.

Knowing your enemy’s location will give you a lot of advantage and you can use this technique right from the start to be good at Fortnite. If you aren’t loaded with resources you can even choose to flee and save yourself from certain death by listening to what other players are doing and where they are.


Fortnite gives each player to build structures that they can use but instead of just using them as an offensive tool, you can use them as defensive tools as well. Build a wall in front of you and your opponent before you heal yourself, this will deal damage to the wall keeping you safe.

Make larger structures to keep yourself well-guarded and you can even build upwards if you want to get a tactical advantage or just reach an elevated platform in the game.

Structures are dependent on their bases so make sure that when an enemy is attacking your structure that they do not take out the base as this will make you fall and incur damage.

The best structure you can create are ramps, these will help you get higher ground when taking down enemies, you will also get the element of surprise and can easily track movements.

Fall Damage

If you fall from a height more than three stories you will incur fall damage. Falling to your death is a cruel way to die in Fortnite and it happens to the best of the players as well so do not beat yourself up if this happens to you.

Make sure that you are on firm ground and not on high structures during gun battles, a structure can be destroyed but the ground cannot be and this should let you know where to be when shooting enemies.

The bigger height you fall from the more damage you will get and vice versa, if you push the limits this can result in death and you will have to spectate other games or simply get back in the lobby for the next round.


It is no secret that you probably won’t win your first Fortnite match, rather it will take you tens of tries at least before you start to get the hang of the thing. Learn from other players who are better than you about how they play and when to perform a move that can help you.

Spectating helps you learn more about mobility, shooting and building and this will prove vital in games to come. Check out different strategies while spectating to learn more about Fortnite and how veteran players apply their trade.


You will need to get harvesting items like wood, metal, and brick from things you see in the game. There are plenty of trees on the Fortnite island and you can cut them down for wood with your harvesting tool. It is recommended that you do not cut down a tree completely.

Doing this will leave a trail of evidence that will make it easier for your opponent to track you down. Make sure that you do not empty out anything that you are harvesting materials from and leave them at 50 so that you remain undetected.

Game Modes

There are plenty of game modes to select from in Fortnite’s lobby, each mode will give you a different version of the game. There are usually 4 members on a team but you can opt to play a solo or a duos game if you wish to.

If you wish to play with random teammates, make sure that you select Squads and have the fill option selected, this will give you random teammates and can blossom into a new friendship.
Making friends in Fortnite is a bit challenging as everyone is busy in the chaos but you maybe will find someone who will explain how to play the game.

Make sure to interact with your teammates as often as possible.

These are all the basic tips that each Fortnite player must keep in mind, there is still tons more to learn but all of it comes with more time you spend in the game. Learn these basics and they will make a world of a difference to your Fortnite gaming experience.