Fortnite set to host Marshmello for in-game concert

Fortnite has been dominating popular media with many celebrities playing the game and also streaming almost regularly, it seems that EDM artist Marshmello is about to raise the bar as he is set to play a concert in-game. This will be the first of it’s kind and certainly will pave the way for many other artists looking forward to collaborating with the gaming industry.

Data-miners recently unveiled code stating that a Marshmello concert was in works but it seemed too good to be true and now we can be certain after noticing the stage being constructed near the field at Pleasant Park.


Marshmello was introduced to the game by popular streamer Ninja who also had streamed with Drake not so long ago.

The game has also been one of the most downloaded and played games of the last year and with so much support with constant updates, Fortnite seems to be creating an umbrella and bringing all of the entertainment in one game. To pull it off would be next to impossible, but if Fortnite keeps progressing the way it is; it does not look impossible for Epic Games to deliver something truly Epic.

So this seems like it could be the catalyst which will bring the next big thing into gaming and garner huge support, maybe even host a festival which involves gaming and music.

We just saw the Skrillex teamed up with Square Enix to provide the music for Kingdom Hearts III, and with more and more artists joining this trend it won’t be soon before long we will see in-game concerts with VR technology used to give the users a concert like feeling at the comfort of their house.

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