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Why Does Fortnite Ask For Your Birthday?

This is why Fortnite is suddenly asking for your Birthday.

Many players upon logging into Fortnite are getting asked for their birthday. Not only that but players who are younger than 13 also seem to be missing out on several features that they could use before. They are also seeing a different display name and facing other issues. So without further ado here is the answer to why Fortnite is asking for my Birthday and what cabined accounts are.


Why is Fortnite Asking for My Birthday?

cabined accounts in fortnite and why it asks your birthday

Fortnite is asking for your Birthday to know your age. Based on your date of birth and the Digital consent age of your country, Epic Games will decide whether you will have a regular account or a Cabined Account. A Cabined Account is different from your regular account and has several features disabled. Here is what you should know about it.

What is a Cabined Account in Fortnite?

A Cabined Account has many features disabled to protect the children better and give them a safer experience. Players having this account will need to provide Epic Games with the email address of their parent or guardian to have access to those features. These include:

  • Using voice or text chat with other players.
  • Purchasing items using money.
  • Downloading and playing games that are non-Epic owned.
  • Trade features in Rocket League.
  • Signing in with Epic to link accounts to social media or streaming services.
  • Having and using Custom Display Names.
  • Using SMS-based two-factor authentication.

Don’t worry whatever games you already own and in-game items that you have will still be available to you. But if you want to try any of the above features you will need to have the consent of your parent or guardian.

What Games can you Play on a Cabined Account?

You can only play games that are owned by Epic Games on a Cabined Account. These include:

  • Fortnite
  • Rocket League
  • Fall Guys

If you need any more help on these accounts, I suggest you check out the official Cabined Accounts FAQ page.

That covers this guide on why Fortnite is asking for your Birthday and what Cabined Accounts are. For more things on this game be sure to check out our Fortnite section.