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Fortnite Airport Simulator Map Code: How To Use It?

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Since the very beginning, Fortnite has stood out from the competition for being extremely creative, which catapulted the game to the top of Battle Royale games. Now, it boasts of a huge fan following with millions of players. With the recent Party Royale mode, players can even ditch their weapons and have fun hanging out with friends. Because of all of these updates, Fortnite has become the game that is loved by both casual as well as competitive players.

Airport Simulator Map in Fortnite

There’s one more mode, though, that some players might be unaware of and that’s the Fortnite Creative hub. This has been around since 2018 and players have used it to create a custom world with nothing but their imagination. One such creative genius is MakaMakes, who has built virtual spaces based on various themes. Recently, he created an entire Airport Simulator map in Fortnite’s creator. This detailed piece of art is nothing short of amazing. There are security checkpoints, baggage collection area, restaurants, duty free shops and more.

Check out his masterpiece here:

How To Use The Airport Simulator Map Code in Fortnite?

To get a virtual experience at this airport, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Main Menu in Fortnite
  • Choose Creative Mode
  • Start the Game
  • Choose Create under Select a Server
  • Put this island code: 1854-0566-2178
  • Accept

This will give you access through which you can enter the Airport Simulator map. Go ahead and explore the Airport Simulator map and take in its absolute beauty.

Fortnite is known to constantly keep things interesting with cosmetics like the Neon back bling, concerts from famous celebrities, new emotes, outfits and much more. This is primarily why fans from around the world are hooked to the game. Unlike other battle royale games, Fortnite is whimsical and funny which gives it a certain uniqueness. Fortnite’s fame is constantly rising and it doesn’t look like it’s going to wane any time soon.

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