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Fortnite 6.31 update: Leaked Skins, Back Bling, Pickaxes, Gliders, and Emotes

Fortnite players have uncovered new skins and items which have been leaked as part of 6.31 update. These skins are uncovered by Fortnite: Battle Royal leaks, which were posted on Twitter.

The new skins will be available in rare varieties which include Insights and Longshot outfits. These skins will cost around 1,200 V-bucks.

Fortnite 6.31 Update Leaks

The leaks haven’t been confirmed but you can expect them to release by the weekend. Due to the similarity between both the skins, it is expected to release on the same day.

Some of the other leaks are the Lamp pickaxe, surrounded by the moths. The new emotes are now having the Showstopper dance, the Mime Time emote, the Scorecard move and the phone it in saxophone jingle.

These all items are expected to release before the Season 7 in December.

The update for Fortnite is Live and available for these platforms: PS$, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android & IOS. The Pump shotgun comes in Epic and legendary variants according to the update 6.31 patch notes.

From floor loot, chests, vending machines and supply drops, the new Pump Shotgun types provide 105/110 maximum damage. Also, there’s the Team Rumble mode, where teams compete to make the most kills.

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