How To Form Clans In Arcane Odyssey

Check out how to form clans in Arcane Odyssey.

Are you wondering how to form clans in Arcane Odyssey? If so, then this guide is made just for you. In this open-world RPG, you can explore the Bronze Sea and fight several tough bosses. As you progress, you can also take on other players. However, if you are playing solo then you are bound to be eliminated by a clan. So to take them on, you need to form your group. You can either band up with your friends or a group of strangers and dominate the islands in the server.

Arcane Odyssey: How to Form Clans

Learn how to Form Clans in Arcane Odyssey

To form a clan in Arcane Odyssey, simply go to the Menu and select the Clan button. Then, create a clan for 5,000 Galleons. You’ll have to fill in the following details if you are creating a new one:

  • Clan Name
  • Description
  • Leader Rank Name
  • Co-leader Rank Name
  • Admin Rank Name
  • Elite Rank Name
  • Member Rank Name
  • Logo ID
  • Frame Color
  • Back Color

Alternatively, you can also join a clan if they send you an invite.

The game also has two pre-made clans that you can join for free. Those are the Grand Navy and the Assassins Syndicate. To join those, you must visit the Silverhold or the Whitesummit respectively. Once you join a clan, you can use the bank to donate Galleons. These Galleons can be used to increase the maximum number of members in the clan.

How to Claim Islands with Clans

Once you create a clan, you can compete with others to dominate the leaderboard. To do so, you’ll have to level up your clan’s Infamy. This mechanic determines where a certain clan will rank on the leaderboard. The best way to increase Infamy is by claiming islands in Arcane Odyssey. To claim islands, all you have to do is eliminate the members of other clans from an island. Once you do that, you will generate Infamy automatically. However, certain criteria come into play. The server should have enough players and at least two clans to farm Infamy.

That’s all from us on how to form clans in Arcane Odyssey. For more such content as how to get magic amulets, make sure you visit our Arcane Odyssey guides.