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Foreclosed Cyberpunk Shooting Game Featuring Graphical Comic Look Announced

Intense futuristic dramac

Foreclosed is an upcoming comic book-inspired world Cyberpunk Shooting game. Trailer revealed during IGN Expo showcase futuristic dark intense world where everyone’s identity is owned by Corporation. Standing against the system the protagonist turns a rebel in a futuristic city called Blockchain. Citizens are monitored via brain implants controlled by the corporation.

Foreclosed trailer takes us inside the extraordinary colorful world of Evan Kapnos. The narrative-driven action shooter game features a story of the lead character who’s identity has been foreclosed by the authority. The intense drama begins when the protagonist is barred from escaping. Chased by the authorized, Evan Kapnos gambles for his freedom.

Implants are given to every citizen by birth, failed to comply and things turned worse. Inspired by Max Payne’s kind of narrative, the life of Evan Kapnos in Foreclosed is strange enough to generate a lot of curiosity.

Foreclosed gameplay trailer also reveals the unique combat system. Players will be free to modify the abilities of their weapons which is the symbiotic pistol. Superhero type abilities are unlocked via Brain Implants. Rendered in a Graphical Novel environment, featuring rich color, dramatic narration, and intriguing game mechanics, Foreclosed looks amazing.

Foreclosed is scheduled to release for PC and Nintendo Switch. Plans for PS4 and Xbox console is not specified.