For Honor Tier List (December 2023)

Find out the best heroes in our For Honor Tier List.

Our For Honor Tier List sorts all the hero characters according to their capabilities as per the playstyle they are intended for. We have arranged all the heroes from best to worst in our tiers from S+ to D Tier. Note: These rankings may differ from your opinions, but if you are starting out and need an extra opinion about the characters, this will come in handy.

For Honor Tier List (Best Hero Characters Ranked)

For Honor Hero Character Tier List

Here are the best heroes according to our For Honor Tier List:

Tiers Heroes Playstyle Faction Hero Type
S+ Tier Warmonger Roamer Knight Vanguard
S Tier Conqueror Mid Knight Heavy
S Tier Jiang Jun Roamer Wu Lin Heavy
S Tier Kyoshin Mid Samurai Hybrid
A Tier Black Prior Sidelane Knight Heavy
A Tier Kensei Mid Samurai Vanguard
A Tier Nuxia Roamer Wu Lin Assassin
A Tier Raider Roamer Viking Vanguard
A Tier Shaolin Ganker Wu Lin Hybrid
A+ Tier Berserker Roamer Viking Assassin
A+ Tier Nobushi Mid Samurai Hybrid
A+ Tier Shinobi Ganker Samurai Assassin
B Tier Gryphon Sidelane Knight Hybrid
B Tier Hitokiri Roamer Samurai Heavy
B Tier Warden Sidelane Knight Vanguard
B Tier Zhanhu Ganker Wu Lin Assassin
B+ Tier Shaman Ganker Viking Assassin
C Tier Aramusha Mid Samurai Hybrid
C Tier Orochi Sidelane Samurai Assassin
C Tier Peacekeeper Roamer Knight Assassin
C Tier Valkyrie Roamer Viking Hybrid
C Tier Warlord Sidelane Viking Heavy
C+ Tier Gladiator Ganker Knight Assassin
C+ Tier Highlander Mid Viking Hybrid
C+ Tier Lawbringer Mid Knight Hybrid
C+ Tier Shugoki Mid Samurai Heavy
D Tier Centurion Ganker Knight Hybrid
D Tier Jormungandr Sidelane Viking Heavy
D Tier Tiandi Roamer Wu Lin Vanguard

So the best hero character in the current meta is Warmonger with 130 Health, 130 Stamina, and 7 m/s Sprint Speed. She had the best attacks and defense in the game, making her ideal for both Sidelanes or as a Roaming Hero. He performed really well in both aspects. She is well equipped to support any heroes who need help by joining team fights and back capping points.

That’s everything about the best heroes characters in For Honor Tier List. If you are interested in knowing what’s best items and characters in all the latest popular games, then make sure to check out all our Tier List to be at the top of your game.