Spectator Mode Is Coming For Honor This 2019

Watch The Battles

Ubisoft E3 2019 conference revealed a major update coming up for battle game For Honor. The game is not having a Spectator Mode, where players can enjoy an easy way to watch their friends and others fighting in the fierce battle of swords and spears. Ubisoft officially announced the game will be getting a Spectator Camera through an update this year.

Spectator Mode will allow players to move around the battlefield and enjoy watching others battle. It will help players to learn from others, their tactics, and strategy used in the battle to earn the victory. For Honor Dev team shared the feature will be rolled out for some users at the beginning and based on the feedback it will be improved and later it will be available for everyone.

For Honor brings a next level melee action environment were two team fight with each other using traditional weapons like swords and spears. Players can pick from three factions Knight, Viking or Samurai and use the faction attribute to battle. The innovative control system of For Honor allows players to have max control the character they are controlling, using their skills and weapons to the best.

With the Spectator Mode announcement, there is no reveal whether For Honor will get any additional content this year. Below you can have a look the reveal trailer of For Honor Spectator Mode.