Why ‘Following The Thread’ Quest Fails in Witcher 3? [Answered]

Read this guide to find out why 'Following The Thread’ quest fails in Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 does not only have a main storyline but also loads of side quests for players to complete. One of the notable ones is ‘Following the Thread’. It is a secondary side quest which involves Lambert – Geralt’s old friend. You have to assist Lambert in avenging the death of his close friend – Aiden – a Witcher. As many new players have started playing the next-gen update, they complain that this quest is failing before even starting. We understand how frustrating that is which is why we have a solution for you. Here is the reason you’re getting ‘Following The Thread’ failed error in Witcher 3 and a fix for it.

How to Fix ‘Following The Thread’ Failed in Witcher 3

There are a host of reasons this quest can fail. There are chances that the quest can be locked entirely if you’re not careful. The Witcher 3 has an extensive main story and lots of side quests as well. To ensure that some of them don’t clash, the game allows you to complete one quest at a time. This means that any old quests will not work or simply fail. A fix for this situation is pretty simple. Read on below to find out.

Fix Following The Thread Error in Witcher 3

You will have to complete the main quest – Destination: Skellige to get access to this side quest. Moreover, the Flesh For Sale’ quest in Skellige will fail if you start “‘Following The Thread’ in Witcher 3” first. So, ensure you finish the quest in the island first or else you’ll risk completing it forever.

Another reason why this quest fails is if you start ‘Ugly Baby’ prior to it. This is a main story mission which should only be undertaken after you complete Lambert’s quest. If you don’t, there is a chance you may never be able to do ‘Following The Thread’ quest without a backup save. To be on the safer side, keep saving your progress after every main story or side quest mission. In the off chance when any quest fails, you can always go back and mend your mistakes.

That’s all you need to know about the ‘Following The Thread’ failed in Witcher 3. If this guide proved useful for you, check out for more on our Witcher 3 page.