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Flying A Boat In Fortnite – How To Do It?

It's a bird...it's a plane...No, it's a flying boat in Fortnite.

The entirety of the Fortnite map is now surrounded by water after the Doomsday event, which means that more underwater craziness is about to happen. And with it, some players are finding more creative ways to use boats in the game. They have actually made boats fly! Yes, for some reason, you can fly boats in Fortnite now. In this quick guide, we will explain how to do it.

How to Make a Boat Fly in Fortnite


To make this happen, you will need a Chopper, a Grappler and of course, a Boat. With some team coordination you will be able to get your boat up in the sky. Here’s how to fly a boat in Fortnite.

  • Get into a game of squads with your team
  • Find everything you need – a Helicopter, a Grappler and a Boat
  • One player will handle one vehicle
  • Get the chopper started first
  • Then, one player needs to be at the back of the boat with the Grappler
  • As the chopper moves upwards, quickly connect the Grappler to the helicopter and then sit down immediately
  • Keep doing it again and again to get your boat to fly in the sky

Take a look at the outcome here, posted by Reddit user DPR0bot:


Figured Out How to Fly the Boat! from FortNiteBR

This is basically how you can get your boat flying in Fortnite. It’s most likely a bug and it looks quite funny to be honest. But it also gives you a wonderful view of the map, so begin practicing and fly the boat!


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