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Fortnite Floating Rings Locations Lazy Lake: How To Collect?

Where are the Floating Rings in Fortnite? Don't worry! We got you. We will guide you through all the Floating Rings Locations at Lazy Lake.

Fortnite has yet another challenge for you to complete. This one involves the collection of some floating rings that are located at the Lazy Lake. It is a part of the Week 3 Challenges of Fortnite and it’s not a tough challenge as such. But you might need some help in order to reach some of these rings, so here’s where to find and collect the floating rings in Fortnite.

Floating Rings Locations at Lazy Lake in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, you must collect four shiny Floating Rings at Lazy Lake. There might be more scattered around but you only have to find four. Where are the Floating Rings in Fortnite? We will point you to their exact locations on the map as well as show you what’s around so you can get an idea.

Location 1


Location 1

This is where you can find the first floating ring. It will be between two umbrellas at the Big Shots Cafe and to get it, you can simply jump from the top of one umbrella or build a ramp.

Location 2


Location 2

The second floating ring can be found on the top of a massive tree. There are two ways to get to it – either build a ramp to reach it or land from the Battle bus. Building up to it is the better option out of the two.

Location 3


Location 3

The third floating ring is near the toll booth and to reach it, you can either jump from the side or build a small ramp.

Location 4


Location 4

The fourth floating ring is available near the No Sweat Insurance headquarters and is at quite a height. In this case also you will need a ramp.

When you manage to collect all floating rings at Lazy Lake in Fortnite, you will get a whopping 35,000 XP. This is everything you need to know about this particular challenge. While you are here, don’t forget to check out how to complete the Coral Buddies Wood Age Quest as well. Read more such Fortnite guides on GamerTweak to excel at this game.