How To Get Flame Sac In Monster Hunter Rise

A complete guide on all the locations that help you get Flame Sac in MHR.

MH Rise is a game where every nook and corner of the game has something useful for your hunter Every monster and every character has something to give you. One such material is Flame Sac in Monster Hunter rise is a special item which when used properly, can boost your performance in the game. Available in various locations of the game, this rarity of 4 materials is used to craft weapons and armor. If you are unable to spot these, make sure you keep reading this article on Where to find Flame Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to Get the Flame Sac in Monster Hunter Rise?

Flame Sac Monster Hunter Rise

You can get Flame Sac locations of Lava Caverns, Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins, and Flooded Forest of MH Rise. in these regions, you will find quests that contain fire damage element monsters. These monsters drop them and are also available as quest rewards. They are weak to water, thunder, and ice. This would help you gear up accordingly to defeat them and get the Flame Sac drop. Below are the monsters that would drop these Sacs and their drop rates:

  • Aknosom – 24% Target/20% Capture/21% Body
  • Anjanath- 15% Target/10% Capture
  • Basarios- Target/Capture/Break Head
  • Rathalos- 14% Target/12% Carve Body
  • Rathian- 17% Target/21% Capture/13% Carve Body

Flame sac uses:

This Sac is used for a number of weapons and Armors. The most notable ones being the Aknosom Blade and Rathian Armor Set. The blade will help you in the game exponentially. You can also sell this item for 300z.

So that is all about our guide on where to find the Flame Sac location in MHR. If you want to get your hands on some Wyvern gems but do not know where to find them, check this article we have on How To Get Wyvern Gems In Monster Hunter Rise?.