How To Get Flame Breathing In Roblox DemonFall

Read this guide to learn how you can get Flame Breathing in Roblox DemonFall.

Flame Breathing is an important breath style in DemonFall. Each breath style in the game has different movesets and abilities. In this article, we will show you how to get it.

How To Get Flame Breathing In DemonFall?

flame breathing demonfall roblox

Check out how you can get Flame Breathing in DemonFall with the steps below:

  • To acquire this breathing style in the game, you will need to give one Demon Collar and 20 Demon Horns to Rengoku.
  • You can get Demon Horns by killing the Demons that you will come across in the game.
  • You will only find the Demon Collar by picking it up from the Axe Demon. This demon is very powerful and you will find it near White Peak Mountain, in the White Underground cave.

Where to Find Rengoku?

  • Rengoku can only be found in a campsite at the very top of White Peak Mountain.
  • To get to the White Peak Mountain, you will need to set off from Hayakawa Village.
  • Finding Rengoku can get extremely difficult because of the snow and blizzards you will encounter here.
  • You will need to use your best parkour skills to climb the platforms that have been spread on the mountain.
  • The ice on the mountain can also cause you to slip and fall off.
  • Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will find the Rengoku.

Where to Find the Axe Demon?

  • You will find the Axe Demon in the White Underground cave. This cave is located close to the White Peak Mountain.
  • This cave will be the location in which you will have to defeat the Axe Demon.
  • Use your best abilities and moves to defeat the Monster.
  • You can dodge and parry to combat the monster.
  • Prepare to shift your position whenever the Axe Demon unleashes its downward strike. This move can cause you heavy damage.
  • Once you defeat the Axe Demon, press the E key to pick up the Axe Collar.
  • After you do so, take the collar to Rengoku.

This brings us to the end of this guide on how to get Flame Breathing in Roblox DemonFall. Once you provide Rengoku with the Demon Collar and Horns, you will be taught the Flame Breathing technique.

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