How to fix Warframe Black Screen of Death

Black Screen of death or Black Screen is a common issue on Warframe, where you cannot see anything after starting the game.

Warframe Black Screen of Death, Black Screen, or Freeze on Start are common issues on the Windows PC platform. To resolve this I am going to share some common fixes in this Warframe Troubleshooting Guide. The most annoying part of this bug is when it occurs in between the game. It is quite an old bug that is resolved when you update the game. If you are still getting the same errors then refer to the common solutions below.

How to fix Warframe Black Screen of Death Problem?

Restart the game and make sure you are having the latest video drivers installed on your system. Depending on your GPU manufacturer visit the official websites to download the latest graphic drivers. The majority of graphic related issues are sorted out by updating the latest video drivers. If you are not sure about your GPU model then check the auto-scan tool on the manufacturer’s site to verify the same. Download the latest GPU drivers and test them again.

Black Screen also occurs due to interrupted network connection. If you are playing online or in a multiplayer session, then verify your internet is stable. It is best to connect your system directly to the router via a LAN cable. It is the only way to get stable connectivity other than a Wifi connection. If there is no way to connect a LAN cable, then shift your system nearest to the router.

Turn off all unnecessary background apps and tools. For example Google Drive Backup & Sync, Antivirus tools, etc. Disable background apps that will free-up resources and allow Warframe to use more ram and processing power. If you had downloaded the game from Steam then verify the game file integrity. Just go to the game library and right-click on the game, choose Properties, and click on Local. You will see a button to verify game integrity, click on that, and let it scan for damaged files.

Steam will automatically fix and replace the files, this is another way to resolve various Warframe graphic issues. We will be updating this guide with more fixes, you can checkout more details on various games via different categories on the site menu.