Realm Royale Reforged Fix Unable To Connect To Server (Check Server Status)

Are you looking for Realm Royale Reforged Unable to connect to server issue fix? This guide covers how to check server status and solutions.

Every time you launch the Realm Royale Reforged you see Unable to connect to server. The problem has been occurring for some years, and fixes were made. But if you are still seeing this error message, then we have some solutions you can try. Realm Royale is an online game, so playing without logging in on a server is not possible. And getting server-related issues in online games is common, thus such problems are fixed within a few hours.

Are Realm Royale Servers Down? How to Fix Unable to Connect and Check Server Status

Are Realm Royale Servers Down

You can check the server status of the game from Downdetector. There you will find the common problem or issues submitted by players. You will also find player comments, where they have mentioned similar issues and solutions. That’s all for checking the server status. Once you have made sure the server is fine, try these methods to fix the Unable to connect to server error of Realm Royale.

Launch Game From Steam Library

The game is available on multiple platforms, and launching it through a launcher has worked for most of them. Even for Steam, it is a simple workaround where you start the game from the library.

  • Launch Steam on your PC.
  • Go to the Library tab.
  • Select the game from the left corner list.
  • Press the Play button to launch it.
  • If you are still getting the Unable to connect to server message in Realm Royale, then try other methods.

Update Launcher & Realm Royale to Fix Unable to Connect to Server

There is a possibility that you are using the old Steam, Epic Launcher, or game version. And these errors often occur due to outdated versions. This solution is applicable for all devices, you have to keep them updated, as patches are also rolled through them.

Check Your Internet Connection

You can perform a speed test from Google to check your internet speed. If your internet speed is not optimum, restart the router, and relaunch the game. But before relaunching the game, make sure that it was closed and cleared from the background.

These are all the known and working fixes for Unable to connect to server issue of Realm Royale Reforged. If you found this guide useful, check our other game guides and use Realm Royale codes to get free Ember Emu.