How to resolve Remnant From The Ashes crashing issues?

Here are some common PC Troubleshooting tips to resolve Remnant From The Ashes PC Crashing issues.

Remnant From The Ashes is out on PC and there was a limited-time chance to grab a free copy from Epic Store. If you are having the game and facing issues on Windows 10, for example crashing, lag, low fps, etc then this guide will help you. Remnant From The Ashes is a third-person game where you will play as Root. The objective is to stay alive and solve secretes. You can choose to play alone, but Remnant From The Ashes also has a co-op mode, where you can play with a friend.

Players of Remnant From The Ashes are reporting pc crashing and bugs. Many gamers are sharing their issues and in this guide, I will share some of the most common fixes to fix Remnant From The Ashes crashing issues. You can read more about unlocking more Remnant From The Ashes FPS, fixing audio bugs, etc.

How to fix Remnant: From the Ashes crashes on Windows

Below are PC Troubleshooting tips to fix the game performance. This guide is not just restricted to Remnant from the Ashes, the solution can generally work on many games on Windows 10. The most common fix is to update the graphic drivers. But this usually happens by default, if you are using an Nvidia GPU then GeForce Experience will do this for your system. Video drivers are also updated via Windows Update. But still, you can check things first, go to Nvidia or AMD site and check for the latest drivers based on your GPU model. Refer to the below tip on how to update video drivers without searching for the GPU model.

How to Find latest Video Graphics Drivers for Remnant From The Ashes?

The easiest to find the latest video drivers is by using the auto-detect tool. It is highly useful when you do not what is the exact model of your graphic card. Here are direct links of the Nvidia Auto-Detect tool and AMD Auto-Detect tool. Nvidia runs the tools directly in the web browser, you have to install Java if it is not in your Windows PC. AMD provides an install-able software, it runs and detects your graphic card. Then it finds the latest drivers and updates it. You can do the same using GeForce Experience if you are using Nvidia Graphics Card. Even if you are using a GPU from some other manufacturer like Gigabyte or Zotac you can still use this software to install the latest video drivers on your Windows 10 pc.

This is how you can install latest video drivers for Remnant From The Ashes .

Fix 1: System Requirements

This is not a solution, but a way to check why the game is crashing. 90% of the time your system is good enough to run the game, but if the GPU or CPU is not strong enough you will have to trim down the video settings. You can identify the same by checking the minimum and max system requirements. In case your system has lower hardware just downgrade the graphic settings.

Every game has s system requirement, if you cannot meet the minimum it is not going to function properly. Check the recommended system requirement for Remnant From The Ashes.

  • CPU – Core i3 7th gen minimum or Core i5 4th gen will is the best.
  • RAM – 8GB
  • GPU – Radeon RX 470 or GTX 970 or  better.
  • DirectX – 11
  • OS – Windows 7 / 8 / 10 x64.Ryzen 5 is also the best mid-range gaming processor that can deliver pretty amazing output. You can watch the assembly video below, we tested Remnant From The Ashes on 2070 FE Super, that’s a way too big card. But we had also tested it on 1650 Super 4GB, on the same system and it worked well.


Fix 2: Exit Background Apps

Game Launchers, Antivirus Software, Cloud Sync Tools, Torrent Clients, Chat messengers, consume ram, and processing power. It is necessary to turn them off if you have not had very high-end hardware. To turn off background apps from starting up using the below steps.

  • Right-click on Task Bar > Task Manager
  • Go to Startup > and right-click on the app and choose Disable.
  • Do not do this with antivirus software, audio, and display drivers.
  • Reboot your PC and launch Remnant From The Ashes.

Fix 3: Reduce Graphic Settings

Lowering the Graphic settings is the best way to resolve Remnant From The Ashes pc crashing issue. You can turn off things that are not required, it may impact the visuals but you can play the game. There are different options you can turn off to improve the overall game performance. I will update full optimized graphic settings soon.

Fix 4: Common Fixes to reduce lags

Here are some of the most common fixes to improve Remnant From The Ashes performance. If the game is crashing constantly or freezing then considering it installing again. But if there are some common bugs in between then they can be resolved by following the below fixes.

  1. Right-click on the game and icon and choose Run as Administrator.
  2. Right click on the game in Steam > Properties > Local > Verify file integrity.
  3. Restart Steam if the game takes a lot of time to load.
  4. If you had the game on from Epic Store then check for Updates. Play only once the update is over.
  5. Turn off voice chat if you are playing with a friend.

We will updating more troubleshooting tips in this guide. These are some of the most common fixes to resolve Remnant From The Ashes PC crashing issues.