How To Fix PGA Tour 2K23 Stuck & Not Loading Issue

If you having trouble loading the PGA Tour 2K23, then here are some possible workarounds to fix the issue.

You’re not alone, the PGA Tour 2K23 is getting stuck on the loading screen for many players which the devs are trying to fix. This issue is not that new and seems to be there since the release. It is surely ruining the gameplay experience of players around the globe. As a downside, there doesn’t seem to be an official solution for the problem. But don’t worry, there are some workarounds players have come up with that can help you fix the PGA Tour 2K23 not loading issue. And for your convenience below we have mentioned all of them so you can try them out by yourself.

How to Fix PGA Tour 2K23 Stuck on Loading Screen Issue


Here are all the possible solutions to fix the PGA Tour 2K23 stuck on the loading screen & not loading issue. Before you start trying out the fixes, ensure your system fulfills the hardware & software requirements. If it does then let’s dive right into it the workarounds.

  • The first fix that you can try is updating the GPU drivers of your PC. That’s because outdated drivers usually cause such issues.
  • Make sure no applications are running in the background. There are times when there are several tasks running which is slowing down the game
  • Verifying game file integrity on Steam can also get you going. Doing this operation will repair all the corrupted files or replace them with new ones. To do so launch Steam> Library> Right-click on PGA Tour 2K23> Properties> Local Files> Verify the Integrity of Game Files.
  • Disabling Antivirus & VPN can also fix the PGA Tour 2K23 not loading issue. Sometimes such applications tend to take the game as a threat to your system and end up interrupting the session.
  • Players also need to be mindful of the game updates. Running on an outdated patch can also be the culprit causing the errors.
  • If nothing works, then we recommend you uninstall and reinstall the game to give it a fresh start.

That covers all the workarounds to fix the PGA Tour 2K23 stuck on the loading screen & not loading issue. If you’re still facing the problem, then we advise you to reach out to the game’s Support Team. But if everything is working fine for you, then check out how to play with Ghosts in the game. Also, take a look at the other Video game guides for more such tips & tricks.