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How To Fix No Main Quest ‘Bug’ In Hogwarts Legacy

Let's learn how to fix having no active main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Often in Hogwarts Legacy, you are going to find yourself having no main quest or missions but how to fix this bug? There certainly are various points in the story where you might get stuck with no task to do. However, this is likely not a bug as there are other requirements to be done before a main quest is active. Let’s take a look at what can be done to fix this and avoid this.

How to Fix Having No Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy how to fix no main quest

So you have been going around learning various magic spells, but suddenly there are no more classes to attend? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can keep continuing your journey in the Hogwarts Legacy.

Check Your Owl Mail

Sometimes after completing a main quest, You will get an Owl Mail regarding the next quest. You can even get side quests like this. While the game automatically puts the related quest from the Owl Mail into your quest log, it might not always assign it as an active quest. You can pause your game and go into the Owl Mail section to check on all the mails you got so far.

Time Of Day Requirments

Some missions or side missions require you to have advanced time in some way or be in a specific time of the day like in the daytime or nighttime. Exploring for some time or doing other available quests might reveal the main mission in due time.

Doing Assignments

A lot of Main quests in Hogwarts Legacy will require you to complete certain tasks beforehand. These tasks come in the form of assignments from your teachers at Hogwarts. These tasks can vary in difficulty and complexity, it can even have multiple tasks in the same assignment. Doing these assignments will grant access to corresponding Main quests.

These are the ways you can fix not having a main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like all Ingredients Locations, Prices and how to Undo & Respec Talent Points in Hogwarts Legacy.