How To Fix Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable Error? Explained

Since its release, Last Epoch has seen a flock of players joining the game which has led to unforeseen consequences. The servers are facing outages on a different scale and as a result, players are unable to play the game. The full message reads, “Online Play Unavailable. Check for news about multiplayer updates or outages. Contact support if this persists.” If you have been troubled by the Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable error as well, this guide will help you move forward.

Since it is a server issue, there is nothing much you can do to fix it. However, if you simply want to enjoy the game on your own, there is a workaround that will get you in.

Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable Error Workaround

How To Fix Online Play Unavailable Error In Last Epoch
Image via Steam

Although there is no fix to the Last Epoch Online Play Unavailable error, there is a way you can get into the game and at least play it. This involves playing Last Epoch in full offline mode. Yes, multiplayer will be out of the question, at least you can start playing the game. As a result of this server issue, players can barely get into the character creation screen before encountering this error. So if you are interested in just playing the game, offline mode is the way to go.

Since the developers are aware of the server issues, they are bound to be resolved soon enough. However, offline mode will at least allow you to play the game and understand the mechanics of this hack-and-slash action RPG. Do note that offline characters cannot be transferred to online characters at the time of writing. So if you are still interested in playing the game in offline mode, here are the steps you need to follow on Steam.

How to Play Last Epoch in Offline Mode

  • Right-click on the game in your Steam library and then select Properties.
  • Now, click the Launch Options dropdown in the General tab.
  • After that, select Play Full Offline.
  • Once the situation with online gameplay is resolved, you can switch it back to Play Last Epoch.

If you need some assistance from the devs, you can contact the Last Epoch Support page and submit a request.

And that’s all you will need on the Last Epoch ‘Online Play Unavailable’ error. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Last Epoch guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.