MultiVersus: Item Unavailable No Content Error (Fix)

This is all you need to fix the Item Unavailable No Content Error in Multiversus.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made a crossover of epic proportions by introducing MultiVersus. MultiVersus includes classic characters from Warner Bros., DC Comics, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. While there are 19 playable characters at the time of writing, 17 are unlockable and two more are to come soon. The primary format will be 2v2 although 1v1 and free-for-all will also be available. Since the game is in its early stages, it is still prone to bugs and issues. While the team at MultiVersus has been fixing every issue that pops up, there is a new error that PlayStation players are particularly facing. Item Unavailable No Content Error pops up on display when they start MultiVersus and this guide has the fix to this issue.

How to Fix Item Unavailable No Content Error in MultiVersus

Multiversus Item Unavailable No Content Error Fix

Since the error has mostly been affiliated with PlayStation users, you need to first check the PlayStation Server. If the servers are down, there is nothing you can do to fix the Item Unavailable No Content error.

While Sony is releasing so many new games, and stacking up a new user base, it is quite possible to face such errors. Additionally, many new players are rushing to play the new crossover game which may also be the cause of the error.

If the Servers are working fine but you are still facing the error, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure your Internet Connection is working properly on the Console. If any big download is going on, we recommend you pause it. This may eat up the bandwidth meant for your console.
  • Log out of your console and then Log in again.
  • Next, Restart your Console and see if the error goes away.
  • You might have to uninstall and reinstall the game if that has not worked.
  • Lastly, you can also contact MultiVersus Support to get a better understanding of the error.

That’s all you need on how to fix Item Unavailable No Content Error in MultiVersus. While you are here, we have more MultiVersus guides that you might be interested in at Gamer Tweak.