How To Easily Fix Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug

Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug has been troubling players. Check out how to fix the Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug easily

Fortnite friends list disappearing bug has been affecting the game ever since Chapter 1, this often brings a lot of panic and hysteria among the players. If you want to know how to fix this bug check out this guide where we’ve detailed everything there is you can do to fix it.

How To Fix Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug

Fortnite has been facing issues ever since it was revealed to the world and a few issues can be expected as Epic Games host millions of players every day. Sometimes the servers do not behave as they should. Recently, a bug has been discovered that has been creating havoc and a huge issue for players online. Players have been finding that all their friends on Epic Gamers Launcher and not being able to play with them.

How To Fix Fortnite Friend List Disappearing Bug 2021

Now, if you’re someone who plays regularly with friends is a huge cause for concern, but luckily not all hope is lost and you can easily fix this by doing the following things.

What you need to do first, is to restart the Epic Games Launcher and see if your friends’ list is populating by itself or not.

If you’re on a console and the friends’ list is empty, try restarting the game. Check your internet connection and see if the firewall isn’t blocking anything.

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Check if you have kept the visibility settings on the Epic Game Launcher to Everyone, also it is a good thing to see if the Epic Game Servers are working perfectly or not.

There was a time when the Epic Game Servers went offline for 14 hours which resulted in players earning brand-new back bling when the system came back up.

If the issue persists, then maybe you will need to wait for a while before Epic Games can sort out their server issues before you can start playing with your friends once again.

This is all there is to know about how to fix the Fortnite Friends list disappearing bug, make sure to check out how to complete Location For Destroying Collector Cases In Fortnite