How To Fix Microsoft Flight Simulator Not Working On Xbox

If you are an Xbox Series S or X player left frustrated by Microsoft Flight Simulator not working, read this article to find the fix.

If you’ve just started playing Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox, you may have noticed the game not working properly. While these glitches may leave you feeling frustrated, do not throw away your controllers just yet. In this article, we will show you the errors and their possible fixes in the game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Not Working On Xbox

xbox not working flight simulator

Keep reading to find out how you can potentially fix errors that are causing Microsoft Simulator to not work in Xbox.

Long Update Search Times in Flight Simulator on Xbox

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator has always known to check for updates automatically as soon as it is opened.
  • However, Xbox Series S and X users have unfortunately had to wait for periods ranging from 5 – 30 minutes.
  • Additionaly, players have reported that the screen never progresses past the update search page. This means you will be rendered unable to play the game.
  • As of now, a possible cause for this error is the presence of many players on the servers.
  • Your best solution for this error is to wait for the developers to come up with an update or a patch.
  • It also needs to be noted that this error is random. Some players have not come across this frustrating error.

Game Failing to Start

  • Players on Xbox Series S and X have reported instances where Microsoft Flight Simulator has not started at all.
  • This has happened despite players already having already downloaded the game.
  • Fortunately, the solution for this issue is quite simple.
  • You may have missed an update for the game. You can check for updates on the Microsoft Store.
  • To solve this error that causes Flight Simulator to not work, Xbox usually releases a day one patch update that you will need to download before you start playing.

Menu Crashes

  • Along with the other issues and errors, players have found that the menus in the game have been stuttering and unresponsive.
  • Cursors and menus have often frozen in the game, causing major inconveniences to players of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Unfortunately, however, there is no known fix for this glitch.
  • Your best bet will be to wait for Xbox or Windows to come up with an update to solve this bug.
  • Some users have tried to plug in their USB mice and navigate through the game’s menus. However, this is an unproven fix.

Long Loading Page Queues

  • Just like the long update search wait, Xbox Series S and X players of Microsoft Simulator have reported that the loading page takes extremely long to complete.
  • On several occasions, the page has not completed loading. Instead, it has just frozen and caused the game to crash.
  • The best you can do here too is just wait for the screen to load.
    You will need to wait for an update to resolve this issue.

Force Crashes

  • Players of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series S and X have found that the game has repeatedly crashed or closed by force without any warning.
  • This error usually occurs when the loading screen appears.
  • The game crashes directly to the Xbox Dashboard.
  • Currently, the best solution to this error is restarting the game and trying to play it again.
  • Overloaded servers are a possible cause of this error.

These are the errors that Xbox Series X and S players of Microsoft Flight Simulator have come across. For now, your best bet would be to wait for Windows to come up with a solution to solve most of the errors.

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