Fix Halo MCC UE4 Fatal Error On Startup 2023 (Crashing Fix)

Check out this guide to know how you can fix UE4 fatal error in Halo MCC and resolve crash on startup.

Players are experiencing a Fatal Error while playing Halo MCC where the game crashes immediately after startup. The excitement of progressing into the Master Chief’s story can quickly turn out to be frustrating when you encounter such issues at launch. Players are unable to play the game as it force closes after showing the pop UE4 Fatal Error. So if you are wondering about some potential fixes, check out this guide further to know the list of all the solutions you can try for the error in the Halo Master Chief Collection on your device.

How to Fix Halo MCC Fatal Error on Startup

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Before diving into the list of all the fixes for Halo MCC crashing on startup, we recommend you check if you have the latest and updated version of the game installed on your device. With that in mind, here are all the possible solutions you can try to fix the UE4 fatal error:

Switch to Windowed Mode

If you are encountering the issue on your device, you can try to switch the game into the windowed mode to resolve the error. This would help you refresh the window and fix the fatal crash error while launching Halo MCC. Simply follow the steps given below:

  • Open Steam and head over to Library
  • Here right click on Halo MCC
  • Head into properties and select the set launch option in the General tab
  • Type in -windowed and click on ok

Update Graphic Drivers

Outdated drivers can cause various fatal errors making it unable to play or even launch Halo MCC properly. We recommend you install the latest graphic drivers on your device to run the game smoothly. You can do this by simply going into your dedicated graphic card software or through the device manager on Windows. You can also try to disable the graphic card overlays to fix the crashing issue in Halo MCC.

Disable Overclocking

Unstable overclocking may also be the cause of this problem. Your game may crash before it even starts up if your GPU is unstable because it won’t be able to load your game properly. Players will have to revert to the stock configuration to have a stable GPU at their disposal.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

You can check for there are any corrupted or missing files causing the fatal error and crash in Halo MCC while startup. Using the Verify the integrity of game files option in Steam, you can look for corrupted game files and replace them with the most recent and updated versions. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Launch Steamapp, then select the library.
  • Click on the properties by right-clicking on Halo MCC
  • Select the Verify the Integrity of Game Files option under the Local Files tab.

Players should also make sure they have the game running on the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ on their device. Sometimes outdated versions can cause problems on Halo MCC. If none of the solutions work, we recommend you uninstall and reinstall the game.

That’s everything covered on how to fix Halo MCC Fatal Error on startup. Check out our dedicated Video Game Guides section for more guides like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.