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Fix Star Citizen Error Code 19000 (Account Login Failed)

Here is a guide with all the possible solutions to fix error code 19000 in Star Citizen.

Many players are coming across the error code 19000 in Star Citizen with a message pop-up that says ‘Account Login Failed’. Since the game is still under development and in its alpha phase players can come across such errors and issues that make it unplayable. Such issues can turn out to be frustrating especially when you can’t even launch the game properly. There are various reasons why the game failed to verify your login details, so check out this guide further as we list them all and help you with all the possible solutions you can try out to resolve it.

How to Fix Error Code 19000 in Star Citizen

account login failed in star citizen in fix

Here are all the solutions you can try out to resolve the error code 19000 and login into the game successfully:

Check Star Citizen Server Status

Players can start by checking the Star Citizen Server Status to see if any outages or maintenance are going on. If the game’s server is down, you won’t be able to log in and play the game immediately. Instead, you will have to wait till the servers go through the maintenance. There is no certain time as to when the issues will get resolved, although you can keep the tab on the status with the official Star Citizen Downdetector Page or Forums.

Restart the Game

Sometimes the error might occur just because of your game bugging out. The best way to resolve it then is to close the game and relaunch it after a while. This will help you resolve any temporary issues in Star Citizen.


According to FuMan on the Star Citizen Forum, using a VPN service helped him resolve the error code 19000 and enter the main menu of the game. Players can try and see if it works the same for them and potentially fix the error.

Delete User Folder From the Directory

Deleting the user folder from the Star Citizen directory can help you re-login to the game. This can refresh the game and help you resolve the error easily. Although we recommend you back up the folder first before trying to clear it out.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

Steam users can check if there are any corrupted files in the Star Citizen directory by verifying the integrity of the game files. These corrupted files can cause bugs and errors that make the game unplayable. Here are the steps you can follow to do so:

  • Open Steam and head toward the library.
  • Search for Star Citizen and right-click.
  •  Select the properties option and click on local files.
  • Here select the Verify The Integrity Of Game Files option.

Even after trying out the list of fixes you are still coming across the error then we recommend you contact Star Citizen Support to help you with the issue. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the game on your device to see if it works.

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