Diablo 4 Fix ‘Entire Party Must Be Present’ Bug After Astaroth Boss

One of the most frustrating bugs in Diablo 4 is the ‘Entire Party Must Be Present & Alive’ bug that you may encounter after beating the Astaroth boss. Even though you are playing solo or have reached the location with your party (who is alive), many players have still come across this error. Since you get to this point in the game after you beat Astaroth, it is quite frustrating as restarting the game will only lead you to fight the tough boss again and again (till you or the bug gives up). However, there is a relatively easy fix that we found while playing the level and it helped us bypass this error. And in this guide, we will provide you with the solution as well so you can speak with the guard and get through the quest.

How to Fix Entire Party Must be Present & Alive Bug after Astaroth Boss in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Entire Party Must Be Present Bug

To fix the ‘Entire Party Must Be Present & Alive’ bug in Diablo 4, players need to simply head out of the town on foot and then return. You don’t need to teleport anywhere – just go out for a bit, slay some monsters, and come back to the guard’s location. You should be able to interact and talk to him and progress the quest now.

Make sure to avoid quitting the game and coming back because you might have to fight this ruthless boss again. Astaroth is one of the most difficult demons in Act II, and it does not make sense that players have to keep fighting him again and again because of a bug. As you have to speak with the guard right after the cutscene once you defeat him, restarting the game is not worth doing in this case.

Diablo IV Entire Party Must Be Present and Alive Bug fix

As you can see from our image above, once you head out and return, you can easily fix the ‘Entire Party Must Be Present & Alive’ bug. The launch of Diablo IV is unfortunately plagued with bugs and the developers would love to hear feedback and errors that players are facing. So if you can’t fix the ‘Entire Party Must Be Present & Alive’ bug in Diablo 4, we recommend you contact Blizzard Support immediately.

That’s all we have on the ‘Entire Party Must Be Present & Alive’ bug where you are unable to interact and talk to the guard after the Astaroth boss. If you are facing other errors like Error Code 315306, Error Code 3025, you can check out our guides to fix those. Also, check out our Diablo IV section for more guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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