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COD Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 6015 [Fix]

Facing a Dev Error 6015 situation in Modern Warfare 2? Check out this guide to know all the possible fixes.

Despite being the biggest release in the history of COD games, several errors are ruining the Modern Warfare 2 experience. Since its release in Beta testing in September, multiple players took it to the Internet to share their glitchy experiences. One such error that recently occurred in the game is Dev Error 6015. Wherein, the screen goes all black while the game is loading any in-game feature and after a few seconds, this error notification pops up. If you are one of those players facing Dev Error 6015 in MW2, then this article is all you need. Check out this guide for all the possible solutions to fix this issue in the game.


How to Fix Dev Error 6015 in Modern Warfare 2

How To Fix Dev Error 6015 In Modern Warfare 2

Here’s what you can do in order to fix the Dev Error 6015:


Repair Game

  • On Steam
    • Open your Steam Client and head over to the Library.
    • There, right-click on COD MW2 and select Properties.
    • Further, navigate to the Local Files section from where you have to click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • On Battle.net
    • Open your Battle.net launcher and select COD MW2.
    • Now, click on the Cog icon next to the Play button.
    • Select Scan and Repair so that the system can fix the game.
    • This should mostly fix Dev Error 6015 in MW2.

Reboot your Device

At the time of writing, no official fix was found. Hopefully, developers will surely come up with a fix to solve this issue in the future. Although, you can use some other methods that mostly come to be in the favor of players. Try to restart your Device and launch the game to fix Dev Error 6015.

Check for Windows Update

Make sure that you have an up-to-date Windows version as some outdated files may cause the game to access some files. Here’s what you can do to update the Windows and fix the Dev Error 6015 in MW2:

  • Press Windows + I and navigate to Update and Security.
  • Later, click on Check for Updates and look for pending updates.
  • If there are any, make sure you get it updated before launching the game again.

Update Graphic Drivers

You may lose a chance to get a better gaming experience if you have an outdated Graphic Driver. Hence, update your Driver by using the respective websites say Nvidia or AMD.

That’s all you can do to fix the Dev Error 6015 in MW2 until there’s an official fix. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other COD MW2 guides.