Arknights Endfield ‘The Current Client Version Is Out Of Date’ Fix

Unable to play Arknights Endfield due to ‘The Current Version is Out of Date’ error? Do this to fix it.

As the technical test has officially commenced for the Arknights Endfield, it is expected to face some issues. Before making it available to everyone, finding out these bugs and resolving them is the purpose of the stage. If you have already reported the ‘The Current Client Version is Out of Date’ error, but waiting for the fix is tiring you out, then you have landed on the right page.

This error is nothing new for RPGs and open-world games. Even Arknights faced the same issue a few years ago. It was resolved without taking much time, so this should also get fixed soon. However, it is better to know the reasons and solutions in case it occurs afterward.

How to Fix Arknights Endfield ‘The Current Client Version is Out of Date’

How to Fix Arknights Endfield the Current Client Version is Out of Date
Image Credit: Arknights Endfield Twitter

This error occurs mainly due to two reasons: the outdated version and when the server is down. Since Arknights Endfield is in the test phase at the time of writing, developers will keep rolling updates with each issue they resolve. This will make your game version outdated quite easily. Thus, the first thing we suggest you do is go to the official website and download the latest version of it.

If there are no updates, then make sure the problem is not with the server. Server maintenance is an occasional thing, at least before it is made available for everyone. You can rely on the Twitter page of the game to learn about any maintenance scheduled for it. For now, it is hard to know the server status, but once it launches, you will find plenty of sites that will show you that.

If you are still seeing The Current Client Version is Out of Date error in Arknights Endfield, then you have to wait for the new update or official notice regarding it. If this was helpful, you should check out our video game section right here at Gamer Tweak.