How To Fix The ‘Clark Monterey’ Error Code In MW2?

Junaid Shaikh
3 Min Read

Clark Monterey Error Code causes Modern Warfare 2 friend list not working problem. This error appears in the multiplayer sessions where some players have reported that they are unable to see their friends online. Because of this friends from across platforms are unable to join the match. There are a few steps to fix Clark Monterey Error Code in Modern Warfare 2. Some of these issues are server-side and if remain unfixed then wait for an official update from the game developer.

What is ‘Clark Monterey’ Error and How to Fix it?

clark monterey error mw2

The ‘Clark Monterey’ error code in MW2 seems to appear when you are trying to join a friend’s lobby. Specifically, it seems to pop up when the game tries and accesses the cross-play friend list. However, the exact cause is not determined and it can have multiple causes or conditions to appear. But ultimately, it is surely going to cause you problems and be a hurdle in the way of you playing with your friends.

How to Fix the Error

While there isn’t a definitive fix to the ‘Clark Monterey error code issue, there are multiple things you can try. As the direct source of this error is not determined, even the fix isn’t determined. However, you can try all of these methods to fix it. Hopefully one or a combo of them might just fix the issue.

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Here are the things you can try to fix the Clark Monterey Error code:

  • Restart The Game and Your Console/PC.
  • Reinstall/Redownload the MW2 game.
  • Manually Invite your friends by using the search bar.
  • Turn off and Turn on the cross-play option in settings.
  • Wait for the issue to resolve on its own since it might be due to a fault in the servers.

That is how you can fix the ‘Clark Monterey’ error code in MW2. For more guides like this, check out our other articles on MW2 like what does ‘Report Status Changed’ mean and the best FJX Imperium loadout.