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How To Fix Can’t Attack Or Use Skills In Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has one of the worst bugs where you can't attack or use skills but will be able to do other activities. Here's a guide on how to fix that.

Although the Early Access is out, Diablo 4 is currently plagued by numerous errors, one such is where you can’t attack or can’t use skills. However, completing other activities in the game is still possible. Sadly, that is not even a bit useful as one of the most important game mechanics is using the skills and abilities that you unlock. If you are facing this error, don’t worry as you are not the only one suffering and our guide should provide you with the troubleshooting tip that you need to get through this error.

How to Fix Can’t Attack or Use Skills in Diablo 4

Diablo IV Can't Attack or Use Skills Error

So far, the only working way to fix the Can’t Attack or use skills bug is to restart Diablo 4. Make sure you log out and then log in to your Battle.net account as well. Along with attacking and skills, many players can’t use emotes as well and the fix for that remains the same. For a game like Diablo, if you can’t attack or use skills there is nothing left for you to actually do in the game. Although the game seems to provide an amazing experience with its questline, dungeons, and monsters, the early access is marred with such bugs.

Although players can hope that the full launch does not have all these bugs, the only realistic time that these will be fixed is with the Season 1 update or any patches before that. Having said that, if players do run into such bugs and errors, our guides should help you fix them. Additionally, you can also contact Blizzard Support since encountering such bugs and getting feedback will be valuable for them going forward.

That’s all you have on how to fix the can’t attack or use skills in Diablo 4. While you are here, check out the best Endgame build, Donan’s Favor Quest, and other Diablo IV guides right here at Gamer Tweak.