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How to Repair Base In Subnautica – Restore Base Integrity

When the base integrity goes to 0 it will shatter into pieces. Here is how to fix it before it's too late.

You can build underwater bases in Subnautica. Using different units you can build a resting place, windows, hatches, etc. The outpost act as your refuge point so that you can go out and explore more. You can place bases on the ocean floor, and visit it back to recover from exploration. Subnautica Bases have integrity between 0 to 10. 10 is the highest were bases can stand against the ocean floor. But if it falls to 0, it will break and you will lose all your valuable units. In this guide, I am going to help you with how to repair broken bases in Subnautica.

How to restore Base Integrity in Subnautica?


Sabnautica Bases Guide

Just patching the wall holes will not help, a new one will open up. If the base integrity falls to 0, then focus on making the structure stronger. Like you can use wall reinforcements to increase the base integrity. Only after that, you can use the Repair Tool to fix the broken sections of the base.

Sabnautica Repair Tool


Repair tool will not help you if the base integrity is below 0. Make sure you can move to 1 or higher to start repairing the cracks. Subnautica Repair tool is also used for fixing vehicles in the game. To unlock its blueprint you will have to craft a Standard O2 Tank fast in the Fabricator. You will get the Repair Tool blueprint after this.

Low integrity will result in flooding, which can be stopped by fixing the damaged hull and fixing the breaches. Use a Walder Tool to repair the cracks in the walls. Once it is fixed if your base is flooded then the water will be drained out. Or else it will remain flooded. The problem with bases is that they break frequently.

So you will have to keep the Walder Tool and Repair Tool with you always. Us the Walder tool first to fix the breaches and then the Repair tool to fix minor damages. Focus on making the base strong, which will help you to restore the base integrity.


So this is how you can repair bases in Subnautica. You can prevent them from getting flooded and secure the units. To help you more with bases do check our Habitat Builder Guide or Where to Find Gold in the Ocean?